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The first UIL meet for Caddo Mills High School was on Saturday, January 12th, in Princeton. This competition was an extremely important one because, Caddo went against 4A, 5A and 6A schools. Each student worked hard to prepare for the big event.

Before the students would go compete, they went through a tutorial to understand what the judges are looking for. Each team talked to their coaches to prepare for the 30 to 45 minutes to compete. We would like to thank the coaches for preparing the students for this big meet and we cannot wait to see what the results are for the next one!

Some of our very own Newspaper staff competed with some of our very own techniques from writing our stories for you! Those two students who competed: Nicole Forga and Melanie Schauer. The Newspaper Staff couldn’t be more proud with how hard they worked!

The scores from the UIL event are listed below:

*Some scores are not listed due to not being updated yet.

Accounting: 1st place team, Hallie Dancy 2nd, Julie Johnson 3rd, Kay Dominguez 4th, Katie Jenkins 6th, and Rylea Helmberger 7th.

Spelling: 3rd place team, Bralei Bow 5th, Lillie Cardwell, and Savannah Thomas.

Current Events and Issues: 3rd place team, Kylie McHargue, Nathan Weipert, and Citali Paulin.

Social Studies: Kylie McHargue 4th place.

Journalism: Melanie Schauer- 2nd overall journalism, Nicole Forga, Elyse Warren Adamari Ortega, and Hailey McManus also competed.

Way to go Caddo Mills High School!


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Practice Makes Perfect