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Staff Reporter - Audra Doyle

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Tryouts for All American cheer are open to both males and females. These talented athletes  are expected to show their best jumps and other cheer skills. Females will dance a routine that they are given, and males will perform a stunt instead of the dance routine. Cheerleaders are expected to tryout with a group of three. UCA states that others should join into their program because the staff is selected based on skill, teaching ability, experience, and knowledge. This way the cheerleaders are being properly taught and have a safe experience.

    I spoke with Audra Doyle who attends Caddo Mills and is head cheerleader.  I asked her what made her want to tryout for All American Cheer and she responded that her Cheerleading Coach, Mrs.Ochsendorf, wanted her to tryout and so did Audra’s Mother. These two important women in Audra’s life believed in her abilities and it gave her the confidence she needed to tryout. Audra believes that they are the reason she won and without them believing in her she couldn’t have done her best. Something that kept Audra motivated was the support of her cheer friends and her family, but mostly the promise her mom made to her which was going to London if she made it into tryouts.

    Another thing I mentioned to Audra was If there was ever a time in which she felt she couldn’t win? She answered that she honestly thought she had no chance because there was too many talented cheerleaders, yet she kept in mind that Mrs. Ochsendorf would have never told her to tryout if she had no chance in winning. Audra was able to keep positive and reach her ultimate cheer goal.

    We, as the reporting staff, are so proud of what she has accomplished! Way to cheer Audra!!!

Tune in next week for our report on another UCA cheer winner, Keely Stapleton!



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All American Cheerleaders