Fox Clubs With Fox “Cubs”

Alexis Kincaid and Katie Clawson

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Our childhood is full of many fun and new experiences, especially at school. As we grow up, we learn what we are really passionate about. Clubs are a good way to bring us together and the Caddo Mills School District has something for everyone. From the Chess Club at the elementary to the high school Anime Club, Caddo offers a wide variety of clubs.

Many clubs are offered within Caddo Mills School District, and most are offered at Caddo Mills High and Middle schools.

Although the Middle School doesn’t have as many club choices as the High School, one of the choices includes the middle school One Act Play directed by Clint Hulsey. We asked him a few question about One Act and its purpose, what impact it has, if it has any holiday events, and the students involved. According to Hulsey, the purpose of One Act  “is to give the students a taste of theatre and experience in acting or the process of putting together a show. He also said that for many students, especially those uninterested in sports, this activity can be a positive experience in teaching students preparation, work ethic, and teamwork. Almost all of the students involved in Middle School One Act Play are involved in other extra-curricular activities and time-management becomes a crucial skill for each one of them.” Hulsey stated that, “I believe that the real impact that One Act Play has on students is that it makes students put themselves out there on the stage in front of people. Confidence and the ability to perform publicly become paramount and I think these experiences can have a lasting impact on students.” The 16 members who participate in one act play are listed below.     

  At the High School, there are many clubs offered such as the new Anime Club. This club was started last year by sponsor Ashley Gusukuma and involves watching and discussing Japanese animation as a group. They watch films with the original Japanese audio paired with English subtitles as they explore these Japanese cultures.They discuss the Japanese language and common Japanese traditions that play a big part in Amine. All high school students are given the opportunity to participate, and those interested sign up with Mrs. Gusukuma to join.The club has a president, vice president, and two officers. The Anime Club has a unique impact on the participating students, as it allows them enjoy their fandoms in a welcoming and safe environment. According to Gusukuma. “They also get to experience genres of anime they may not have previously experienced.” The Anime club does hold holiday events for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer break. There are just a small number of  members, so there is not much they can accomplish for these events. Gusukuma and the students in the Anime Club are hoping the amount of members will grow so they will be able to do much more such as “go on field trips, design our own t-shirts and badges, and participate in the Japanese Festival in Fort Worth,” just like her club did when Gusukuma taught at previous school districts.


One Act Play Students                                                       

6th Grade:
Terryn Rollins
Samantha Morton


7th Grade:
Preston Abshire
Mackenzie Anderson
Sophie Carnes
Ashley Granados
Brooklyn Harrelson
Morgan Fox
Nevaeh Ayers
Bryson McLarry
Bridget Whalen

8th Grade:
Keigan Hopper
Kelsie Hilz
Jillian Munson
Angel Salaiz
Kitty Todd


Anime Club Students

Angel Garica (President)
Kaitlyn Cash (Vice President)
Savannah Thomas (Officer)

Tanner Lawrence (Officer)
Jayden Eastham
Kaitlyn Peterson

Emilia Coniceros
Coby Grey

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Fox Clubs With Fox “Cubs”