The Marines – The Toughest and Hardest Branch in The Military

Staff Reporter - Bailey McDonald

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Our armed forces are always a president’s phone call away, anywhere, anytime and any day. There are multiple phases of every branch and the trainings can get rigorous. The military prepares recruits  for the extreme and makes strong ,sturdy American Citizens. The military trains to protect us as a unified country to make us stronger together.For those of you interested in joining the Marine Corps after Graduation, here are some requirements:


Marines- There are 3 phases you have to complete in order to graduate

  • Phase one ( week 1-4 )  This is where recruits spend the first few days of their recruit training experience. This is where they receive their first haircut and initial gear issue, which includes items such as uniforms, toiletries and letter writing supplies
  • Phase two ( week 5-9) The second phase starts when recruits move up north to Edson Range, Weapons Field Training Battalion. hone their close combat skills and master Marksmanship Training. Every Marine is a rifleman first and foremost.
  • Phases three ( week 10-13)   For the third phase, recruits move back to the Depot where they undergo swim qualifications, a defensive driving course, testing of Marine Corps history, first aid, physical training, drill, and inspections and finally Family Day/Graduation.

The marines have the LONGEST and HARDEST basic training to complete.

 Caddo Mills very own, Tylar McAbee will be leaving June 24th, 2019 to join the Marines. Tylar McAbee will be doing his 12 weeks of basic at MCRD San Diego. After he graduates he will then go to Fort Lee Virginia and start his MOS training to become an Armorer where he will learn to maintain and repair small arms and weapon systems.. Good Luck Tylar !! Thank You For Your Service.

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The Marines – The Toughest and Hardest Branch in The Military