FFA (Human Interest)

Staff Reporter: Alexis Kincaid

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FFA (Human Interest)

Source: Martye Miller

Source: Martye Miller

Source: Martye Miller

Alexis Kincaid, Feature Editor

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The Texas State Fair has come and gone and many of our CM students had the opportunity to enjoy fun fair activities. One such activity was participating in the fair’s livestock show. The Caddo Mills High School FFA students learn many skills for showing animals such as cleaning, walking, and caring for livestock as well as getting to meet members of other FFA organizations from all over Texas.

There is a purpose and history behind why these events are held at the Texas State Fair. Usually, people spend their fair time with family and friends riding rides, playing fair games, and eating the special fair foods such as funnel cake and other deep fried sweets. They win prizes and daringly get on some of the more scary rides. 

One of the main activities at the Fair is the Livestock Show. When talking to FFA sponsor Jessica Watkins about the purpose of showing animals for FFA, she said that it teaches the students responsibility and proper care of animals such as grooming, transportation, and vaccination of livestock. Watkins said it also teaches students about the livestock industry and the information on the animal being shown.

The reasons the animals have to be posed and walked also pertains to the learning experience. Watkins said that the setup in the ring is to show the body conformation for the judges. The cattle and the other animals are posed inside for front and back profile viewing. The students walk the animal in front of the judges to body score them for their build, body conformation, and muscle.

For the showing experience, Watkins talked about stalling together with FFA members from all around Hunt County and getting to know other FFA chapters from all around Texas.

The State Fair Livestock show is a long standing tradition. The first FFA show was held in 1928. According to a study online by Indiana University, the history behind FFA and livestock shows branches off a nationwide cattle show called the American Royal Livestock show in Kansas. Future Farmers of America had been established to help train farm boys. The event was held each year and in 1930 the official creed and the colors (national blue and corn gold) were established. 1969 was the first year that women were allowed to be a part of FFA, as well as being allowed to hold office and compete in the events. Before this point, women were only allowed to participate at the local and state level.

Today, FFA has become a way to help teach students things such as responsibility, making a good impact on a town’s reputation, and success in future AG related careers. When taking on the Texas State Fair Livestock Contest, FFA member Katie Miller placed 11th in the ring and achieved the title of “Grand Champion” on Saturday October 27th, overall showing how much success Caddo Mills AG students are having in this year’s program, thanks to the students’ hard work and the efforts of Mrs. Watkins.


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  1. caleb grisier on November 9th, 2018 1:37 pm

    stunning article for a beginning writer.thoughts a little distracted but the overall message is there,questionable that the same image is presented twice.overall very nice feature.

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FFA (Human Interest)