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Alexis Kincaid, Staff Reporter

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Caddo Mills High School offers many different classes and clubs that pique the interest of the students, such as Art, Theatre, Debate, Chess Club, Robotics, and now Newspaper. Being a part of the Newspaper staff is a difficult job, but even though there is so much stress to get things done, Newspaper is a wonderful class to consider joining.

Running a newspaper is a tough job for a group of teenagers, and while us staff members seem to be under constant stress, getting the chance to have our own story published holds a high reward. Every Friday, we begin brainstorming our new assignments and by Tuesday the next week, our stories are due. The editors spend Tuesday through Thursday checking over our stories and getting them approved in time to upload them to our news site. This is a process we have to go through every week to get the news out to our community, and it tends to become very repetitive and stressful. But the highest stress is scheduling interviews. We have to converse through email daily and leave class to go back and forth through the school to get all our information before the due date. By the time we have everything put together and looking amazing, we have to start over with the whole process.

Being a staff reporter means you have to constantly listen. At any moment you could discover big news and when the inspiration hits, the news story is much easier to write. It’s not always easy to get started on a new idea. Sometimes we have no clue what to write about, and other times we have so much to write that it takes longer than the three days we have. Even with these difficulties, we still manage to publish every week, and when we do, it fills us with pride and happiness to publish and finally be done with the article. We get graded on our stories every week, and just like any other classes, we take tests. Our tests are over things such as the proper ways to write for news stories and editorials.

Working for the Caddo Mills Weekly News, while stressful, is fun and makes for an amazing experience. The class may be small now but we are hoping that in the next few years it grows into something wonderful. After joining the Newspaper class, I am glad that I took the chance and stayed in the class because it is a wonderful writing outlet and the class is very enjoyable.