212 Day: Food-4-Kids

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212 Day: Food-4-Kids

Shelby Campbell, Staff Reporter

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When I was told I would be getting the opportunity to make a difference to so many children, I couldn’t wait for February 12th. Superintendent Luke Allison had the idea for Caddo Mills ISD to participate in 212 day. On that day, grades 9th-12th were all mixed together, put into many different groups and were able to go to several different community service projects: Food Bank, VA clinic, homeless shelter, bag preparation for homeless children, and many others.

My 212 group chose to go the the North Texas Food Bank in Plano with Coach Neal, Mrs. Hodnett, and Mrs. O. We arrived at the Food Bank and it was a very welcoming place. As the group walked into orientation, we waited and listened to the do’s and don’ts until we got the opportunity to get to work.

After orientation we were then brought to the back where “all the magic happened”, then they split us into two different groups. Mrs.O’s group containing 20 high schoolers were instructed to get a bag and put the variety of foods and drinks from the bins into the bags. As we filled up the bags with certain amounts of food, other members of our group filled up all the bins that ran low as we went through the line. Then at the end of the line we would put our bag of snacks into an empty box and when the box would get full, a member from our group passed the full box to another member and they would tape it then place it on the pallet. After enough boxes were filled and put on the pallet, two more members would wrap the boxes in plastic wrap to make sure they were secure. We fed a total of 1,875 children; that is 630 bags produced by 20 students. Everyone had such an amazing glow on their faces, with music playing, and everyone just smiling at one another.

When I asked Maggie Mcgee, how her experience was at the NTFB she responded with,  “It was very humbling and it made me realize how grateful I am to have what I do.” Maggie was the leader of our group. She made sure to notify everyone with reminders about permission slips and money for food as well as what the requirements were to be able to go to the the food bank and participate.

The second group was put to work at the other end of the building. Coach Neal and Mrs. Hodnett were in the second group. In this group they were put to work with can goods, rice, beans and lasagna, packing them into boxes. Another member would take the box, tape it up, and place it on the pallet. Two other members would wrap the box in plastic to make sure it was secure.

I spoke with Mrs. Hodnett about her experience and asked her why she would choose the food bank in the following years? She said “They were very organized and it was such a fantastic opportunity to donate our time and services to such a great organization”.

Everyone in their group worked up a sweat with all their hard work with the heavier boxes. Their non perishable items fed 5,468 families; that’s 578 boxes they had packed up and put onto the pallets. The bank did such a remarkable job and judging by the smile on the faces of all in our group, we would love to do it all over again.