212 Day: Donating to the Homeless

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

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On the day of February 12th of 2019, Caddo Mills High School went out to do community service. All students were assigned different varieties of projects.

A lot of students were excited for this day to come, because we all got to choose what service we wanted to participate in. We weren’t just put into service groups and told to wait for the day to come, we actually had to work and communicate on who would bring what and how this would benefit those we were giving it to.

The group I chose was donating to the homeless. It was an amazing experience and I remember telling one of my group members, “I’ve always wanted to give to those in need, especially those who have absolutely nothing.” That is truly the way I feel because we tend to complain about things we don’t have, but other people have it way worse.

One thing that really got to me was whenever my group got to the homeless shelter and saw the reactions of the people who worked there. They cried tears of joy. It was beautiful because it made my group and I realize that not everyone has what they want and that we were making a change by helping people be stable and remake their life.

The two shelters we donated to were, “Women In Need Incorporated” and “The Samaritan Inn”. All the leaders of these organizations were very kind to us and were able to give us information on how they work with the people who come in to find a place to stay. One of the ladies working at The Samaritan Inn stated,  “We don’t have them stay here forever; we make them get a job and when they make enough money to the point where we know they are stable enough to move forward with life, we let them move out.” It’s truly a blessing for the people who have no home for others to actually take time out of their day to help them better themselves and get a little push of help at life again. That’s just something nobody can ever be thankful enough for.

Seeing my group work together and enjoy being able to be part of this journey was what made this whole service worth it! I saw all of my friends faces when the lady at Women’s In Need Incorporated expressed, “Not only are there women here, but we help people from newborn babies to kids up to ten or even higher.”

Our happy faces turned into frowns when we found out that it’s not only individual people, but sometimes families as well who go to these kinds of shelters to receive help.

I loved being a part of this service. I was able to learn from it and look at life in a different perspective. I hope to be able to go and volunteer outside of school hours and also be able to go again as a group with my classmates. This project was a very fun one and proved to me that there’s nothing bad with anyone needing a little help at life.

These are two of the shelters me and my group were able to visit and donate to and some pictures of my group!