212 Day: Impacting the Lives That Changed Ours

Cassidy Owens, Staff Reporter

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I have always tried to step in and make a difference throughout people’s lives and on February 12th, I did exactly that.

Caddo Mills ISD hosted a 212 day. 212 at Caddo Mills means that we will always go the extra degree. Mrs. Bunch’s group included 12 students ranging from 9th through 12th grade. Our group went to the V.A. Clinic in Bonham to visit with some of the Veterans to cheer them up for the day. The students passed out cards and blankets to thank the Veterans for protecting our Country.

Being apart of something this big made each one of us really understand how different each person’s life is and that not everyone goes through the same things. These Veterans struggle to find some happiness in each day, and to know that we at least made one person smile makes it all worth it.

We all stepped in and made a difference in each of these Veterans lives and I know for a fact it made a huge difference in mine. I interviewed Mariah Houser and asked her what part of the trip made the biggest impact on her, she responded with,”The entire experience was an eye opener. I started realizing that many of the people in the hospital were accustomed to being there. As a child of a Veteran, I know it is not uncommon for Veterans to be in and out of the hospitals. They served our country in exchange for their lives. Like any civilian, the chance of battling mental illness rises, addiction or the inability to do everyday activities. The difference is they risked their lives for us and it should be our mission to help in any way we can.”

In our group there were three young men who went the extra degree with one of the elderly women. She did not have a partner to play dominoes with and these young men sat there with her for three hours. Never once did they complain or stop playing with her. We could tell by her smile it made her day a million times better.

Cody Cauble was one of the young boys who played with Betty, he said, “I don’t know many people who can play dominoes, so being able to play with her made my day. Being able to be her partner and thank her for the time she shared with me was an awesome experience.” It made a huge difference in Cody’s life.

As we all walked around the clinic, we received many thanks from the staff and the families that were visiting. I was in shock seeing how many patients were there and what they have to go through on a daily basis. Putting a smile on their faces made us feel like we did something right.

Mrs. Bunch was our leader for the day and helped us along when we struggled to find the right words to tell the Veterans. Mrs. Bunch said, “The best part of our visit to the V.A. was seeing how much the cards meant to these veterans. We even had some thank us with tears in their eyes. It was also amazing to see how our students responded to the veterans and realized they were making a difference with just a small gesture.”

The experience will forever be remembered by each one of the students. As the years go on and we all begin to go our separate ways, this may help us begin our journey of volunteering in other places. Volunteering is worldwide, but not a whole lot of people participate. It can make a difference not only in the patients’ lives, but in ours as well. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity of doing 212 day, and being encouraged to take the steps to go the extra degree!