212 Day: Foster Kids First Night Bags

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212 Day: Foster Kids First Night Bags

Alexis Kincaid, Staff Reporter

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On February 12, 2019, the Caddo Mills School District held the first annual 212 volunteer day run entirely by the students. While students of every level participated in many different ways, the high school students went the extra mile and brought in volunteers or sent groups of students out to many different places to lend a helping hand.

Every group had a way to do their part, whether it was volunteering at a local library or daycare, or staying on campus to put together types of care packs. My group decided to make what is called First Night Bags for foster kids. We gathered money and got the materials needed to pack the bags and on February 12th, went straight to work. We gathered hundreds of items, made many toiletry bags for children of many different ages and packed over 15 complete bags.

“Our group had a positive outcome, and we were able to do all that we had set out to accomplish.” said Orion Casper, director of our group.

Many students were reluctant to volunteer, thinking it wouldn’t do any good, but as the day went on they saw just how much of an impact high school students can make. At the end of the day many students said they would like to do more volunteer work, not just for the 212 project.

“I would volunteer again for an organization more within my interests, so long as I approve of their process.”said Anne Fuqua who participated in my group.

Although my group did a great number of things, many other groups did just as much. Though we only had a few weeks to prepare for 212, it turned out to be a success.

“If the administration gives the students more time to prepare the projects then it could be successful in the years to come,” said Katie Clawson who participated in a different volunteer group.

Many students, and even teachers, have never truly cared or tried to do volunteer work until our 212 project. After participating in this project, I have come to realize that helping others has not

only a positive outcome on those receiving help, but for the people giving back to their community. February 12th turned out to be a great success and as a senior, I hope the 212 project continues for many years to come.