212 Day: Homeless Delivers

Dax Reyes, Staff Reporter

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We had a day at Caddo Mills High School where we put service into our community and just tried to help out; this day was called 212 day. It was a very important day to me and my friends in that it really opened our eyes to what the real world was like.

For instance, my friend Dylan said, “I think it was good that we got a day to help the community. It was sort of like a day off.” I agree because it was a good deed to help our community. Like he said it was like a nice and peaceful day off of school.

Another friend of mine named Blaine said, “It sort of determined me to do good in school so I don’t end up like some of the people we saw.” That statement really grabbed my attention, because I didn’t either.

I thought it was a creative day that our school had made. I think we should have more days like this serving our community and having fun while doing it too.

My close friend David said, “It was very fun and we should do it again next year.”

“We should do 212 day every year. It was very humbling and showed me what I had to be grateful for. It really opened my eyes,” said by Kelsei and many others. This shows that we should have more activities like this and we should do things like it more often.

Overall 212 day was very exciting and a great work of community service and it was great giving others some of the benefits that we have in our own lives. I feel as if I had an amazing experience and we should do this every year.