212 Day: Behind the Bookshelf

Amber Reever, Staff Reporter

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February 12th, or 212 Day, brought the entire campus of Caddo Mills ISD together.

Earlier this February, Mrs. Sparks, a Caddo Mills High School teacher, was the sponsor for our group to host a bake sale and the money that we earned is going to a charity of our choice. Since we didn’t have enough time to get a location secured, on February 12th our group was in charge of deep cleaning the High Schools library instead.

Mrs. Sparks, our chaperon, believed that, “While we were all disappointed about not being able to do the bake sale, I think cleaning the library was a good thing to do. You all will see the awesome job you did every time you visit the library.”

Even though, the bake sale did not follow through, our group still found a way to help others. Our group came together to dust, vacuum and organize the books in our library; things that Mrs. Butler, our librarian, doesn’t have enough time to get accomplished.

Lynzie Spencer spoke passionately about 212, “I think that the little things we do for others does factor into our personality and our everyday life, because it makes you a better person and shows your true character. Doing things over and over, even if they are little, become habits and you start to do them all the time.”

Although, we were unable to donate to a charity, we were able to donate our time to help our librarian, Tammy Butler. We cleaned inside of crevasses and organized the entire library all day, and I am glad we got to help Mrs. Butler out. She always does so much for us. For example, she continuously buys new books for her students, she is very supportive of what we accomplish, and she is very open to letting us come in before and after school to use the computers.

I hope it made Mrs Butler feel really appreciated. Instead of her taking her time out of the day to clean, we did it for her so she didn’t have to worry about it.”

212 Day, all in all, was a great learning experience for our group. On February 12th we realized that our time was valuable.  While we were not capable of giving a donation to a charity, we used the time given to us to help our beloved librarian. Things may not always go as planned, but 212 helped me realize that it is how you respond to those circumstances that really benefits others.