212 Day: Working on our ‘Murals’

Josie Summers, Managing Sports Editor

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Last week Caddo Mills ISD participated in an annual project called 212 day. 212 day is a multitude of service projects that our students grouped together to complete. Some of the service projects included: attending nursing homes, reading to children, or even stocking the food pantry. All groups were assigned a specific job that donated time to the community.

My group took part in painting a mural that expresses Caddo Mills’ many memorable characteristics. The whole day was spent with freezing fingers and dried paint on our hands. When we originally decided that we were going to paint the mural Mrs. Slagle was slumped with ideas, but an 8th grader, Jillian Munson, was enlightened and extatic for the project. Soon she had an idea of what the painting would be. Mrs. Slagle brought Jillian’s ideas to the surface of the high school students and everyone was excited for the start of the painting.

We painted for 8 hours that day and completed a lot of the mural. As we progressed I was able to slip away a few people involved. I asked Macie Sevier, a service participant, “if we could do it again next year what should we do?” Without hesitation she replied “A sloth with Bob Ross’ face on it” bursting into laughter she was onboard for the possibility of another mural next year.

I was also able to interview our sponsor, Mrs. Slagle, I asked “What was the most difficult part of the preparation of the project?” looking at me knowing what I knew she was going to say she said “The most difficult thing was not being able to project the image on the wall first, BUT the kids are awesome and SUPER talented and they all came together and drew an amazing mural” agreeing with her response she then went on to say “It’s crazy that they were still able to freehand Miss Jillian’s drawing onto the wall.”

Although we haven’t finished yet, the outcome of the finished product is promising. So far we have completed a portion of the sky, the Mona Lisa section, and part of the football field and water tower. When the day was complete and we were headed back to the schools I asked Alana Headrick what she had painted. She told me “ I painted the Mona Lisa’s Section!!! We didn’t know how we were going to paint the windows originally but we took some advice from other participants and they almost look life like.” Jillian Munson then commented “Yeah I almost walked into them!!!”

Overall the entire day was a day that we won’t soon forget. In know for sure that I won’t, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next years 212 activities.