212 Day: Volunteering with Friends

Jalyn Lenamond, Staff Reporter

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On February 12th, Caddo Mills High School students went out and volunteered at different locations around Hunt and surrounding counties. Here at Caddo Mills the district motto is 212. This stands for 212 degrees fahrenheit. The boiling point of water is 211 degrees, and here at our school we like to go the extra degree.  

My group went to Coventry Reserve in Wylie, Texas. They are a school for adults with special needs. When we showed up, we got a tour around the place and it seems like they keep the adults pretty motivated. They also showed us a video of all the activities they have been doing throughout the years.

We started out doing a little yard work and raking up leaves, sweeping, and pulling weeds. We did this activity for about and hour or two After we completed the activity we went back inside and ate lunch with the patients. After lunch, we went to one of their sign language classes and we watched the patients sign a couple of songs. We then played beach volleyball and intermingled with the patients.

Cayden Davis was a student in my 212 group and he


 liked interacting with the patients, he really enjoyed a man there named Jeffrey.  He said, “He had a different hat for every month.”

It was a great day and we are really glad we volunteered at this place. There were a lot of different personalities. Each patient was having a great time and a couple of them would let you know they love Coventry and they want you to come back again.  

Coach Campbell was our chaperone for the 212 trip to Coventry Reserve.

He said, “I loved going to Coventry Reserve and volunteering our time helping others in need.  Helping them clean up around the building and flower beds helped them prepare for the spring. We were also blessed to be able to be involved with their students and participate in fun activities that they do every day. It was an awesome experience.  They have already asked us to come back next year. Hopefully we will be able to do this on 212 day every year.”

This 212 day was really worth the time. Volunteering is always a great idea with a group of friends. The fact that you know you’re helping someone out makes you feel better about yourself at the end of the day.