212 Day: Hard Working Helpers

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212 Day: Hard Working Helpers

Debbie Williams, Staff Reporter

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The students of Caddo Mills High school came together to give back to various communities in North-East Texas. We did this on Wednesday, February 12th to symbolize it is the extra degree that makes the difference. Water is just simmering at 211 degrees, but given just that one extra degree, everything changes.

One group went to Brookdale Senior Living, an assisted living community in Rockwall Texas. Our time was spent listening to stories, making Valentine’s day crafts, serving food and giving hand messages. Not only was the 2/12 Day a treat for the residents at Brookdale, but we students also learned that helping others is empowering.

“This wasn’t my first time volunteering, but every time I learn something new about myself,” said Spencer Whitney. “Apart from my empowering nap that I took, I learned that I’m capable of far more than I thought I was. It feels good to learn things like that.”

In Volunteering at Brookdale, we also learned that everyone has a story to tell. Coming from a small town, we often think that everyone has the same upbringing as us. But as we learned at Brookdale, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“When I met my husband, he was so poor that even the poor people called him poor,” said Imma Walls 3 month resident of  Brookdale Senior Living. “But I helped him get his GED and find a job. He was such a sweet good man, truly my soul-mate.”

Volunteering isn’t always easy; it presents challenges that we had to learn to adapt to.

“They were all at different points in life,” said Cassidy Owen, a fellow reporter. “While some residents were able to have very complex conversations, many weren’t and we had to be able to communicate with everyone.”

The point of 2/12 day was to give back to a community that has given so much to us. In doing so, many of us had the to privilege to grow and mature: to learn that the world is bigger than just us. Volunteering at Brookdale, gave us a look at a generation of hard-working individuals that now needs our help to get the best out of life. After all that the previous generations have done for us, it is gratifying to be able to show our thanks.