The Need for Accurate News

Feature Editor - Nicole Forga

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Throughout the country many have been turned against news sources and journalists in general. The assaults, and prejudice against news has been largely due to the abundance of fake news and hate speech disguised as opinion pieces.

To become a trustworthy news source, an organization must prove it through their articles by using sources and research, rather than opinion. A voice and decision must be heard throughout the piece but they must always give the other argument in a fair light to allow readers to come to their own conclusions.

Student Press Law Center is an organization that fights to protect the rights of speech and press within school publications. Their dedication to the first amendment and media laws allows them to help student journalist seek the truth. By educating students through their website and work they hand the key to journalists looking to unearth the truth and become the next generation of journalists.

Their current fight is to show the world that journalists are not the enemy. Through announcing January 30th as Student Press Freedom Day and launching their new initiative calling this year the “Year of the Student Journalist”. By doing this they are promoting awareness of the issues faced by student journalist this year.

They also announced a, “We Are Not The Enemy Impact Fund”, “a resource that will provide small grants to student journalists and media advisers who will use the money to investigate, amplify or address challenges to student journalism, according to a news release”(SPLC).

By aligning with an organization such as this they are leading the way for more trustworthiness towards journalists and for teen writers to become more accurate researchers. Overall, the best way to fight against the prejudices and apprehension surrounding the media is to present the facts in a way that grabs the reader’s attention and lets them know that research was used to get to that point.

By following sources such as Student Press Law Center,, Committee to Protect Journalist, and The Washington Post young journalists will be able to follow the progression of student press laws. Whether laws are being advocated in their own state or not they can follow the movement. These sources continually keep up with the free speech movement for high school and college journalists.