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Last week on Man of Steel we created a beginners workout for those people who almost never workout or not at all.This week we will create an intermediate workout for those who work out once or twice a week. We will have a variety of things you can do as in abs, lower body and upper body workouts for strength.

Tuesday upper body and ab workout:

Upper Body:3 Sets 10 reps

70% weighted bench press

70% weighted incline

85% weighted shoulder raises

60% weighted bicep curls

70% weighted bench dips

30 second side planks on each side

1 minute regular plank

Thursday lower body workout:

Lower body:4 sets 12 reps

85%  weighted front squats

85% weighted back squats

60% weighted lunges

85% weighted deadlift

70% weighted powerclean

85% Weighted calf raises

70% weighted right and left leg extensions

30 mountain climbers


All these workouts will give your body a full workout and will increase your strength if you do this once per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will also most likely show changes in your body . This all around has helped me become stronger and help me do more things. One thing it helped me with was becoming more and more flexible every time I did this. Good luck with this workout and let the Caddo Mills Weekly know how you are doing with your new workouts.


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