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Elizabeth Rodriguez

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On January 16, 2019 I decided to interview my soccer coaches, Samantha Henderson and Mike Campbell. I’m very excited for our soccer season, and decided I wanted to know how they felt about the first year that Caddo Mills has had a women’s soccer team, how they have dealt with any pressure, and how they have prepared to coach each team.

    Honestly as one of the soccer players, this first season has had me feeling very eager especially, because it’s my first year here at Caddo Mills. I wondered if the coaches felt the same so I asked them a few questions.  One of the questions that crossed my mind was, “How has having soccer for the first time made you feel?” Coach Henderson said, “I have felt extremely proud of the girls. We have made a lot of progress since we started practicing, and playing and each day the girls are getting better. We are getting stronger as a team, and learning to play with one another.” When I interviewed Coach Campbell, he stated that “Having soccer for the first time is a great feeling. It is great to see so many players that were not involved in any others sports. It has been a great opportunity to get more students involved in something after school.      I also asked, “Is there any pressure on you because of UIL and then still having practices and games?” Which in many cases the majority of athletes pass their classes because if not they will not receive any play time and that is no joke. Coach Campbell answered this question by expressing that, “The only pressure I can think of is the limited practice times we have available. UIL limits the amount of hours you can practice after school. Many of the schools we compete against have soccer in athletics so they get a little extra time each day to practice. We are making it work and I think we are headed in the right direction.” I absolutely agree with this answer  because we don’t have soccer in athletics so the only time we are allowed to practice with one another is after school. However. the other schools have soccer in athletics which means that since the beginning of the school year they have been practicing and have an advantage when it comes to playing a game. Although at the end of the day a game can only be won with good attitude on the field and by knowing that communication is key.

    I love and appreciate that both of our coaches support  our Junior Varsity and Varsity; it’s something that most coaches don’t do often and that just shows that our two coaches really care about the team.

    The next question I asked was “How do you manage to keep on track with both teams?” I personally see how hard they collaborate every practice and game to communicate with each other and help one another when needed. It’s like they’re brother and sister.  Coach Henderson expressed, “I make sure that I communicate constantly with my assistant coach. We are both fully aware of all situations that arise on both teams and we use each other for advice and help.” and Coach Campbell expressed that “Coaching two teams with only two coaches can have its challenges. However, this makes us practice both teams together which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both the JV and Varsity are going through the same drills and competitions which only makes them better players.”

    For me, discipline is something very important because I like being treated like the young adult I am and not like a little three year old. I believe my team and I  know when it’s time to get serious and focused and when there’s time to have fun and be silly. Our coaches have let us know when we get out of control because yes, we all have friends and get loud and laugh, but we will keep working on staying focused when needed. We have so much energy that the coaches had a BRILLIANT idea to make us run sprints if we decide to act goofy at the wrong time or place. Honestly, it’s made us so much better because we now catch our mistakes whenever we start getting out of control. Respect is something the soccer program believes in and also acting appropriately on and off the field. Not only have our Coaches been working on making us better but they’ve also helped us grow into better young adults little by little. We have the best coaches. They understand us and know when we need help. They care about us so much; it’s as if we were their children. The girl’s soccer program has had its wins and losses, but we stand united with a smile on our faces because that’s life. You’ll win and lose battles and that’s just how it is, practice makes perfect and that’s why we keep on practicing. Hopefully these questions have helped with knowing what our coaches and team are doing to become closer and better as a soccer team.

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From My Coaches and Me