Killing the Keto

Staff Reporter - Josie Summers

Josie Summers, Sports Editor

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If you enjoyed last week’s workout, adding a Keto diet may help you gain even more success.

Hearing the word “diet” can be a scary word but I assure you that simply making healthier choices is the most efficient and effective way to have a beneficial diet.

In the past, I found that one of my favorite diet plans was the Keto diet. Based off of my sources from “Web MD”, Keto diets were used to help epilepsy in young children in the late 1920’s. Over time, the diet has been altered for non-medical uses and is know one of the most popular diets out there due to its ease. Once again when you hear the word diet you instantly think of the revolting smell of steamed broccoli and unseasoned fish, but this specific diet is actually rather simple.


Before we get into a specific diet plan, you need to know how your body functions. So for about a week try out different diet schedules and see how you feel. If you’re exhausted then adjusting carb intake might be able to help with how your body is reacting. To remove unneeded sugar, replace it with a natural sugar or a vegetable. Or if you are lacking energy, you are more than likely in need of protein. Good proteins are things like peanut butter, walnuts, and yogurt.


For those that want to try to Keto diet here are the basics of it as described on webMD. The ketogenic diet is a diet consisting of high fat, adequate-protein, and low-carbs. By abiding by this diet specifically it forces your body to burn fats instead of sugars. Your body goes through a stage while breaking down the carbs called ketosis. This is the stage in where your body starts the breaking down process. It works on the remaining carbs left from  the last time you had carbs but once it runs out it begins to use the fats in your body as an energy source.


FUN FACT: Did you know that during a workout your body holds enough energy for you to do 45 minutes worth of workout until it starts runs out of carbs and starts breaking down fats within your body.

Although this list says not to eat some things, sometimes eating them in moderation is a must. Try to put in at least a few varieties of fruits into the diet to make sure that your body is still functioning correctly. Especially if you are trying the workout to go with this diet plan.


Safe foods that are always okay are proteins that include chicken, steak, pork chops, fish, etc… along with a vegetable (or two) followed by a low fat carb like butter, oil, cheese, avocado, eggs, etc..


Make sure that throughout the time of adjustment that you don’t encounter Keto Flu. This is when your body is learning to change sugar burning into fat burning. Some side effects might include Asidosis, high Cholesterol, or even growth slowing. You can avoid this problem by easing yourself into the diet as well as easing yourself off. There have been instances where withdrawals are a factor.


Other than these very minor side effects, Keto is a great way to correct diet problems along with giving your body the figure you’re aiming to get to. Read back next week for a different plan.


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Killing the Keto