Fly, Fight and Win in Air, Space, and Cyberspace

Staff Reporter - Bailey Mcdonald

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     Our armed forces are always a president’s phone call away, anywhere, anytime and any day. There are multiple phases of every branch and the training can get rigorous. The military prepares recruits  for the extreme and makes strong, sturdy American Citizens. The military trains to protect us as a unified country to make us stronger together.

Week one– You’ll learn about the air force life and began conditioning

Week two– Preparing for your role as an elite warrior in the air and space power

Week three– you will be taught your role in countering in diverse threats to nations security , this includes terrorist attacks, chemical, biological , radiological , nuclear and explosive weapons  

Week four– fighting techniques and lifesaving skills will be taught and practiced

Week five MOST CHALLENGING WEEK. showing your skills and what you have learned  during a field training and combat scenarios

Week six– final evaluations of your fitness and airmen skills  

Week seven-  GRADUATION

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Caddo Mills High School has three seniors joining the air force. Out of the three, Stephen Sikes has already began his journey. Stephen is in basic training in San Antonio Texas. After Basic Training he will then go to school to be a “Drone Sensor Operator” in the military.   

Thank you for your service and good luck.  

  • Bailey Hammond and Tammy Mcabee will also be joining later this month, they plan on leaving for basics in July.
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Fly, Fight and Win in Air, Space, and Cyberspace