Always Putting it Off

Staff Reporter - Audra Doyle

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Procrastination is putting things off intentionally. In other words, to be slow or late on doing something that should be done.  Do you wait until the last minute to do an assignment, study for an important exam, or complete an important task? Most of the time, the kind of people that you see procrastinate are the disorganized, lazy, or the ones that just don’t care. Procrastination is mainly seen in teenagers with their school work. Some examples of procrastination in students at Caddo Mills High School are listed below:

1)Students procrastinating to get a group project done or to get things together for it.

2)Waiting until the night before to study for a test that you have known about for a couple of days.

3)Procrastinating practicing a certain skill in a sport that you are involved in.

When you constantly procrastinate, it leads to stress. Procrastinating on an assignment or studying in school can result in bad grades because you had such little time to complete the assignment. Why do we procrastinate to complete a task when we know it’s going to cause problems the longer we wait? Research shows that the majority of people wait till the last minute, because they do not care, or they do not want to spend the amount of time that it will take to complete the task. According to Tipsy Writer online, there are three types of procrastinators; arousal, avoiders, and decisional. Arousal type is where they wait until the last minute to complete something and are in rush. Avoiders are ones that are avoiding the task needing to be done, because of their fear of failure or success. Decisional type are those that find it difficult to find a way to complete the task.

Everyone has been known to stall while doing an important task. We think we will eventually get the job done, so we continue to put it off, no matter how much we tell ourselves that we will complete the task.

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Always Putting it Off