Lee Elementary Only Computes Success

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Lee Elementary Only Computes Success

Debbie Williams, Staff Reporter

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Working together to accomplish one common goal. This fundamental idea gives Lee Elementary Robotics a strong foundation. The Lee Robotics Team, also known as TechnicaLEE Bots, compete in VEX IQ. VEX IQ is a snap together robotics system created to spark curiosity in young minds for engineering. According to Lauren Taylor, TechnicaLEE Bots’ coach, “Each student has different skills that they are good at and when they work together they are unstoppable.” The TechnicaLEE Bots participated in a tournament back in November, where they placed 19th and 23rd out of 46 teams.With these successes under their belt, the TechnicaLEE Bots look forward to their next tournaments in 2019.

2018-2019 TechnicaLEE Bots

Mitch Barnett

Dean Davis

Jack Downham

Ethan Eden

Haigan George

Ava Key

Haley Martin

Brayden McLain

Brody McLarry

Gavin Meadows

Shelby Menard

Adrian Pina


Robotics allows students to have hands-on experience in subjects that are usually seen as boring: science, technology, engineering, and math. Through robotics, these STEM classes have continued to grow in popularity. Stay tuned each week as we highlight the achievements of each campus’ robotics team.