Diving into the Navy

Staff Reporter - Bailey McDonald

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     Our armed forces are always a president’s phone call away; anywhere, anytime and any day. There are multiple phases of every branch and the training can get rigorous. The military prepares recruits for the extreme and makes strong, sturdy American Citizens. The military trains to protect us as a unified country to make us stronger together.

In order to be in the navy, you will have to complete 8 weeks of intense training. The 8 weeks are broken down below .

Week oneYou’ll be required to take your initial swim qualifications. Before you graduate boot camp, you’ll be required to pass the requirements for 3rd class swim qualifications. Also during this first week, your RDC will introduce you to the complexities of military drill (marching).

Week two Your classroom work will consist of a course on professionalism, test taking, Navy chain of command, watch standing, and customs and courtesies. You’ll also take your first written test covering all the subjects that you’ve learned so far. Of course, physical training, drill, and general “getting yelled at” will continue through this week.

Week threeAs you’ll get to practice basic line-handling skills, you’ll also get direct experience and practice in first-aid techniques.

Week four This is the Initial Physical Training Test. If you don’t do well on this test, you’ll find yourself in line for some “individual training,”

Week five The following tasks applies in the classroom, at the firing range and in the computer/online classroom:

  • Increasing the number of live rounds fired with the M-9 handgun from 5 rounds to 40 rounds
  • Firing 5 “frangible” training rounds on a Mossberg shotgun.
  • Extensive anti-terrorism/force-protection briefings on threat conditions, history of terrorism and steps sailors can take to present less of a potential target.
  • Computer classes and familiarization with the Navy Knowledge Online Website
  • Eight one-hour mentoring sessions, with RTC staffers and an RDC.

Week six- Protection from chemical, biological, and radiological situations as well as anti-terrorism force protection training using all the available protective gear

Week seven- This week is a capstone of all the skills learned so far and applied in a 12 plus hour event that is both tiring, stressful, and exhilarating teamwork event.


For any additional information about the navy, be sure to visit:


Armando Aguilar, Senior at Caddo Mills High School, will soon leave for basic training on July 31st in Chicago Illinois. After he completes the 8 week course he will then begin His MOS training as a Hospital Corpsman located in San Antonio, Texas.

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Diving into the Navy