Winter guard is in full swing

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Staff Reporter – Debbie Williams


The 2018-2019 school year has been a year of many “firsts” for Caddo Mills ISD. This past year alone, Caddo Mills held the first community-wide pep rally, introduced boys and girls soccer, and produced a student-led newspaper. Each of these programs are the first of their kind in the school’s history. To add to our list of “firsts”, Caddo is introducing is a winter guard.

    An often overlooked part of the Mighty Fox Marching Band, the color guard, adds visuals and non-musical features to the performance. After a successful fall season, the Mighty Fox Marching Band decided to add a winter guard. Unlike in the fall, the band isn’t involved; instead, recorded music is used. Winter guard in and of itself is an art form. The dance, the precision, the skill, and the music all come together to tell a story. Different skill levels are often separated by class such as: novice, intermediate, and advanced. Then, each class is judged separately.

    Since this is our first year to compete in an official winter guard competition, we will be competing at the novice level. Guard Tech Kinsleigh Sawatsky believes, “Participating in the novice level will be beneficial for us, considering it is our first competition. Moving forward we will probably move to a higher level.”

    Moving forward to compete at a higher level would be a big confidence boost to all of those on the team that have never participated in any color guard competition. Matthew Marlborough said “Coming from marching band to winter guard, I thought it would be fairly easy, but it actually takes a lot of work.”

    The veteran guard members, who have done color guard in the past, are used to the amount of work that it takes. But even so, winter guard is a whole new ball game. Without the band, there is a lot more focus on our overall technique.  

    With the judges undivided attention, the pressure is up to perform our best. At rehearsals, time is divided between rifle technique, flag fundamentals and dance. With practices every Monday and Wednesday, even over holiday breaks, we believe we are well prepared for our debut performance, titled, Turned To Stone.


      On Friday January 25th, the Caddo Mills Winter Guard will travel to and perform at Centennial High School and Burleson Collegiate High School in Burleson, Texas. In our show, duettists, Matthew Marlborough and Libby Jagodzinski, are fighting against conformity. The performance is a heartwarming fight against societal norms.


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Winter guard is in full swing