Run, hide, and fight back

Staff Reporter - Debbie Williams

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Run, Hide, and Fight Back

By: Staff Reporter Debbie Williams


As Americans we have a new epidemic on our hands: school shootings. In 2018 alone, over 100 people were killed or injured due to school shootings. Due to tragedies that took place at Santa Fe High School and Sandy Hook Elementary School, many schools have adopted a new policy to handle lock down drills; many are now teaching their students to run, hide, and fight. This is a wonderful idea. In order to expect change, the way we handle these situations has to change. Teaching students and faculty to fight back actually gives them a fighting chance, no pun intended.

This new policy, known as Run, Hide, and Fight refers to the steps to be taken in school shooting situations. First and foremost, if given the opportunity, you run. Get out of the area and contact the police. In doing this you get, at least, yourself to safety and also alert the authorities to the situation. If running is not a safe option, and many times it isn’t, then the next option is to hide. This is what many of us are trained to do, hiding and waiting for help to come. As someone who has been taught this my whole life, I can honestly say that this insights fear and panic, even in simple drills. Now, there is a third option, to be used only when necessary: fighting back. Teachers are advised to have baseball bats or old textbooks in a cabinet in their rooms for emergency situations.

While fighting back isn’t ideal, it gives students a higher chance of survival. Putting their survival in their own hands gives a sense of empowerment. Cassidy Owens, a fellow staff reporter, said that “given the opportunity I would feel safer knowing that fighting back is an option. It even gives a certain level of mental over the shooter.”

Jacobb VanHorn, a seventh-grade student at Caddo Mills Middle School said, “As a baseball and football player, I’d feel pretty confident in being able to stop a school shooter, at least for a short time.”

Fighting back in school shootings also buys time for the authorities to get there. According to Ohio State Police, “You only have to hold off the active shooter until the police arrive.”

School shootings have become a regular part of the American News feed. While we can’t change what has happened or the lives lost, we can educate our youth to react differently. With help the Run, Hide, and Fight policy, next time we see a report about school shootings, perhaps it will be a story of survivors, instead of a list of lives lost.

Attached is a video made by the Ohio state police about active shooter situations, while the video is directed towards work environment shootings, the information also applies to school shootings.



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Run, hide, and fight back