School Board Appreciation

Staff Editor - Antonio Sanchez

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On January 14, the Caddo Mills ISD School Board was recognized by the principals of each school in the district for their hard work and care for the students and faculty.

Prior to the meeting, FCCLA members, Adolfo Velasquez, Josie Summers, Adilene Rodriguez, Keely Stapleton, and Adamari Ortega provided the school board members with a special dinner. After the dinner was served and the meeting started, a video filmed by Debbie Williams, Deja Rollins and Antonio Sanchez was shown. The video was a compilation of students from Griffis and Lee Elementary giving their answers to questions such as, “What is a school board?”, “Do you know anyone on the school board?”, and, “Is there anything you want to say to the school board?” Also included in the video were pictures of students across all campuses writing and drawing thank you cards for the members of the school board. All of these thank you cards and drawings were put up along the walls of the administration building.

The video was well received by the board members, as they laughed at the responses the students gave. After the video was shown, the school board members were given green stadium chairs with a white Caddo Mills symbol. The chairs were paid for by the principals of the schools with their own money, showing that not just the students of this district are grateful for the school board. Each of the members were well pleased and were given a round of applause for their hard work.

Stefanie Duffer, the director of instructional technology for CMISD, helped construct School Board appreciation. Mrs. Duffer stated that “School board appreciation happens every year in January, and it’s an opportunity to show our school board members that we appreciate all of the decisions they make to help benefit students.” Mrs. Duffer went on to say that, “Our focus this year was for school board appreciation to be more student led.” Lastly, Mrs. Duffer believes that the school board does not receive enough recognition for their work: “They don’t get paid, they meet at least once a month, and it takes away from their own family lives to make sure that they’re doing what’s best and making decisions and policies and procedures to make sure that our schools and our students are successful.”

The school board ensures that students and the teachers we see everyday are taught and guided in the right direction to help us become the best school district. Without these school board members and their hard work, this school district would not be where it is today. The school board is hardly mentioned at school or anywhere else, yet they are present in all of the curriculum, programs and technologies students and teachers use everyday. And for that, we thank them for all that they do.

School board members include: Keith Hopkins, Stacy Plasek, Reuben Terry, Eddie Hall, Jay Thomason, Jeff Whitt, Barry Stapleton and Luke Allison

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School Board Appreciation